Open Door Policy

As much as we think we messed up in God’s eyes and wasted his time, we haven’t. The blaze he has put upon us is still on fire and it’s big.

Recently, I wrote from the heart a thread on me twitter account of how I felt how I was losing my fire for him, and how I wanna go back to when it was burning ferociously. I shared it with one of my brothers in Christ and I got something I wasn’t expecting.

When we’re at that point where we think that our fire is gone, condemnation starts to cloud our mindsets, making us think that he isn’t happy with us, and we’re literally losing it. But like what my friend told me “this [our] fire never sleeps…” Like how our fire never sleeps, God doesn’t either. His door is always open, daily and nightly. Matthew 28:20 says it beautifully, that God is with us until “…the end of age” which means he’s never leaving us, even when we slip up, or slip away from him for a while because like the humans we are, we love knowing there’s something to come back to, and God never left so there’s always an open door home.


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