What If…

Just a few hours ago, a senseless act of police brutality happened in my home state of Louisiana in the capital city of Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling was brutally assaulted and later gunned down by the Baton Rouge Police Department. This incident, including others where local law enforcement officers have brutally killed innocent black men and women has set a firestorm around the country. Every time I hear another brother or sister’s name on the news, dead at the hands of the police, my mind goes everywhere. This original poem is in honor of the many lives lost to these senseless, disgusting acts of violence towards anyone, but in general the African American community. All we can do now is pray, fight and speak up.
What if….

What if I died senselessly in the hands of

our city’s finest?

Would I be remembered as a humble

classmate or the loud black girl in class?

Would I be remembered as the friend who

always helped you solve problems or the

friend who had a problem with herself?

Would I be remembered as the daughter

of Wendy and Brian or the daughter of a

single mother whose father wasn’t in

their life?
Would I be remembered as the friendly

girl who always came to you with a smile

or the girl who always ignored your

Does my many years of accomplishments

matter? Or are they just being buried with

me as well?

Would they honor my life or tarnish it

right in front of my moms eyes?

Would I even be human to them?


My Black Life.



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