Speak up, speak out. Be loud, be proud. 

Martin Luther King Jr. paved the way for many minorities to begin speaking on issues that many pushed aside for the longest, as well as speak on social reform and justice. Every third Monday in January, right after his official birthday, we take the time to honor his legacy and his life. His speeches and marches have inspired countless activists and organizations. Hate killed him, but love is what is keeping his legacy alive forever
A quote that popped up on my twitter feed early this morning said this, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” This quote really popped out the most out of all the ones I’ve been seeing, especially at this pivotal time our country is about to endure soon with the swearing in ceremony of President-Elect Donald Trump. Not speaking up on things we know should be said is what keeps change from happening. Letting others get in the way of us speaking up and speaking out, telling us our voices won’t be heard is what keeps change from happening! Personally, I know what it feels like to be silent verbally, but mentally and emotionally inside you’re dying because you know you need to speak up. But when you start speaking up, that’s when your heart feels whole again. 
When you have something big that’s in your heart, it’s either you speak up, or you feel the outcome. I’ve learned that letting my voice be heard actually does work to help with change happening, and especially if you could be the change through the gift God has given you through your life, that’s even better. If your gift is photography, dance, writing like me, or even public speaking like Dr. King, using God’s gift to help bring change makes it even better. Speak up, speak out. Be proud, be loud. 


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