To the White Woman Beside Me…

January 20th came sooner than you know it for most of us. The inauguration of Donald Trump wasn’t like your usual presidential inauguration at all. Attendance was low, he quoted Bane from the Dark Knight movies, and Americans went into full effect in major cities nationwide, as well as worldwide in protest of the new president.

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J20 Anti-Trump Inauguration Rally & March, New Orleans

The day after the inauguration was the Women’s March on Washington, the biggest anti-inauguration march in the history of America. Women (and men) came from various parts of the country, as well as marched in different cities and countries worldwide to come together to speak up and stand in solidarity on the issue of woman’s rights in this society, especially after the inauguration of a vocal misogynist.

With the march being on the center stage of the world, we cannot forget that most of these women marching voted this man into office. We cannot also forget that most of these women looked at this march as a way to speak on issues pertaining to them, and not issues pertaining to all women, especially women of color. No, I am not bashing the march at all, I participated in the one where I live and I was very touched and inspired by the acts of solidarity between us all, but most of the women who were there most likely are very quite on issues pertaining the communities of black, Hispanic, and Muslim women. How do not just I, but many other women of color know this? Where has there been a black lives matter march with a turnout number the size of the Women’s March or even more with the law on our side, not against us? Never. Again, I am not bashing the march, just many people’s reasons for marching.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
J20 Anti-Trump Inauguration Rally & March, New Orleans

Women’s rights are human rights, but we must also realize that the rights of minorities are in jeopardy as well. We cannot sleep on the matter that President Trump also has spoken negatively about people of color. After this, let’s continue to march and protest, but let this as well open your eyes to more than just what you see from your world’s point of view.

Let this be a learning experience for you so next time you can use your privilege to fight for ALL human rights. Use your privilege as an act of alliance. If you want to end racism, sexism and white supremacy, don’t just tweet it, be about it and see about to that change.


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